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Welcome to the Apostolic House of Prayer, a unique place for people with real everyday issues such as low self-esteem, substance abuse, physical illness and violence. Only a real and almighty God can solve these types of problems. We have witnessed God perform miracles on hundreds of lives here at the Apostolic House of Prayer church, where we ‘pray until something happens.’ We invite you to come out and experience the power and healing of the almighty God for yourself. During our services you may cry, laugh, dance or even shout out to God. You will never be the same once you experience the glory of the Lord.

A Little About Us

We are a place for real people with real issues who worship a real God.  Suffragan Bishop Arthur C. Bell is our Pastor. With First Lady Darlene Gogins-Bell. We are a Pentecostal Church. We Believe that the way to Salvation is Based on the Bible scripture Acts 2:38.

Our Leaders

Bishop Arthur Bell is a Chicago native who spent his early years with his parents at the New Friendship M.B. Church under the pastorate of the late Rev. Stroy Freeman where the seeds of faithfulness and church stewardship were instilled in him. He was first introduced to the Pentecostal experience when he visited the Apostolic Faith Church with his friend Darlene Gogins and heard the late Bishop John Holly preach. That experience made an indelible impression on his life, bringing him under conviction which later led to his salvation.He was eventually baptized in Jesus’ Name and filled with the Holy Spirit at the Mt. Zion Healing Temple in Milwaukee, WI under the late Bishop Earl Parchia. It was there that he learned the fundamentals of the Apostolic Faith and first began to sing in the church. He returned to Chicago to join the Apostolic Church of God where he was a faithful choir member, soloist, and altar worker until he accepted the calling of God to the preaching ministry in 1981. Soon after, Bishop Arthur Brazier recognized his leadership potential and appointed him director of the young people’s auxiliary. He held that position diligently until the Lord called him to pioneer the Apostolic House of Prayer.God has placed a special favor and anointing on Bishop Bell which is evident to all who have witnessed the phenomenal growth of this ministry. Many throughout the Chicagoland and Indiana area have been blessed by his fervent prayer ministry and fiery preaching over both radio and television through “Pray Until Something Happens.”Still he remains a down to earth and humble vessel of God. Always quick-witted and humorous, he can switch to being dead serious when it comes to the Word of God, telling it like it is in a manner reminiscent of old-time sanctified preachers.A loving family man, Bishop Bell has been married for over 35 years to Darlene Gogins Bell. They are blessed with four sons and four daughters, all of whom work with their parents in the ministry.


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